Sunday, 24 October 2010

Still got it!


Yorkshire Pud said...

Nice return post!

What's the software like now on PKR that you can 9 table easily? I've heard mixed things on the grapevine

Ironmonk said...

It started shit but they fixed a lot of bugs and it's not too bad now... I can 6 table but the tables are quite small, as for 9 tables - forget it!

4 tabling is better than it used to be, easier to keep up with all the action.

Once you are used to it though it's all good really.

Yorkshire Pud said...

I keep saying I'm going to stick a few quid on there just for a change of pace when my usual play isn't going my way.

Might see you on there!

Amatay said...

hey m8, get yourself signed upto

plenty of gd banter, see u there :)

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T.A said...

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